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“When someone’s going to do a large project, they want to make sure their equipment stays safe, and their people stay safe – and most importantly, once it’s in operation, that it stays in operation.”

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Together with our partners, SMS Africa works alongside industries, providing a range of services including security, risk management, training and development, project management, and the full range of logistics support.

Built on the global SRM and training experience and knowledge of our senior management team and our founder, Ian Spence, we provide a fully integrated support solution. 

Mission, Vision & Core Values

SMS Africa is committed to engaging with our national and international partners. We deliver the highest quality solutions through mutually aligned commercial relationships that are based on accountability, transparency and trust.

We aim to:

  • Provide professional services at competitive prices
  • Promote long-term relationships with the South Sudan business community
  • Develop relations with local communities of South Sudan
  • Promote the capacity building process of South Sudan

training courses

We offer a range of training products to compliment our services.


  • Professional and Educational Courses
  • Train the Trainer
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Medical Training
  • Security Training
  • Hazardous Environment Training

why work with sms Africa?

Our holistic approach reflects the interrelated nature of private organisations and NGOs operating in crisis and high risk environments. Our integrated framework provides for stronger, more cohesive protection to mitigate threats to your organisation. Looking at your safety and security challenges from several vantage points an SMS specialist consultant can help you better prevent, plan for, and respond to threats.

Our success is down to the quality and expertise of our staff, continual professional development and a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. A large percentage of our annual turnover is generated through repeat business and customer recommendations.

We strive to be market leaders in the delivery of all training with a blended approach of theory and practical sessions designed to develop students’ knowledge, ability and confidence. We are constantly updating and creating innovative new courses and setting standards for the industry as a whole.

Our security training courses are not only bespoke, but flexible. If required, we can adapt our courses to be delivered at any location, including in our clients’ offices. Further more, our courses are modular and can be quickly adapted to meet changes in location, facilities and time available. Our learning environment embraces the ethos of total quality training and customer satisfaction.

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MTN: +211 921 723 551 / +211 922 373 998
Zain: +211 917 264 535


Office 8, Acacia Village, Gudele Block 2, Gudele Road (Nr Zain), Juba, Jubek State, South Sudan